About The Southern Nevada COC

The Southern Nevada Confederation Of Clubs is a non-profit organization based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Our mission is to act as a legislative action group. This is a coalition of clubs and individuals, whose collaborative goal is to protect the rights of all people as described in the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States.

How to handle a traffic stop and curb motorcycle profiling!

Attorney Stephen Stubb’s (Bowtie) and David Devereaux (Double D) discuss how to handle a traffic stop, what police can and cannot do, and constitutional law. Applying US Supreme Court cases that are valid in all 50 states, Double D and Bowtie explain how to curb motorcycle profiling and properly defend your rights at a traffic stop.


Bikers Unite! The 2020 National Motorcycle Profiling Survey is here!

The information collected in these surveys has been an essential part in lobbying efforts at both state and national levels, and without a doubt provide critical data points for the grassroots activist to intelligently communicate issues impacting the motorcycle community and influence change.

Click here to fill out the survey!

Legislative Action

As an organization, we are specifically focused on the legislative process, and how it is used in the protection of those rights, as they pertain to us – The Motorcycle Community. Supporting bills and pieces of legislation that pertain to these interests is our number one goal. 

Bikers Rights

Our organization is at the forefront of fighting for bikers rights in Nevada. It is our goal to come together and make action happen by bringing these discussions to our local leaders, legislators, assemblymen, law makers and even the governor himself.

Our Community

We come together often to foster the support from the motorcycle community, from the many fundraisers that are held throughout the year, for a number of charities which benefit greatly from the generosity of our members. Our organization brings bikers together to benefit the community as a whole.

Support our Current Causes

These causes strike right to the core of the lifestyle we live each and every day.

The war on bikers

The war on bikers, and particularly the war on motorcycle clubs, relies on a long list of shady tactics. Read the link below which contains a short list of the most obvious ones of things we deal with every day as bikers.

Aging Rebel Blog

Biker Profiling Surveys

Please join in the fight and fill out the current profiling surveys here:

Motorcycle Profiling Project

Motorcycle Riders Foundation


Please contact your local representatives!

Please download the packet here: State Contacts

Save The Patch

Save The Patch is comprised of members and supporters of numerous motorcycle clubs. It was formed to protect the right to belong to a motorcycle club. The group is just getting off the ground but it has a real chance to bring some reason to the public discussion of the bikers and their patches. If riding a motorcycle is an important part of your life you should offer Save The Patch your support.

Save The Patch Facebook Page

Our Charities

We love to support our community by raising money for local charities. From Veterans charities to local children’s hospitals, we raise money for organizations making a DIFFERENCE!